Updating a classic


In 1997, test and measurement leader Tektronix asked us to migrate its venerable Tektronix Test and Measurement print catalog into a digital content management system. We had managed the design and production of this 700-page print catalog for the prior 20 years, so we were the best team for the job.

Our big idea for Tektronix built on an off-the-shelf software solution paired with a custom-built component. Our solution was tailored to allow Tektronix to efficiently migrate and update content from a single source into print, web, data sheets, CD-ROMs, or other media.

We developed structured web templates based on the needs of the Tek developer audience. This challenge required us to create an identical look and feel across all browsers and platforms. A further evolution of the catalog process included integrating Xtags, which allowed data to be drawn into InDesign where we could preformat 75 percent of each catalog page. The time it took for a designer to touch each page was significantly reduced, allowing us to produce the catalog with greater consistency and speed.

Technology and manufacturing companies, as well as the retail apparel industry, have discovered our catalog specialization and entrusted us with their big catalog projects. We produced a distributor catalog for adidas, completing the project three weeks faster than previous vendors and saving adidas a significant amount of money. Our unique process can be applied to any content-rich catalog.