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Design is everywhere. It can be found in the mugs from which we drink our morning coffee. It’s evident in the packages we choose at the grocery store. And for me, it influences many aspects of my life. The way I organize. The jewelry I make. My illustration style.


An organizational method – arranged by hue.


A ring design – designed with symmetry and geometric shapes


An illustration style – focused on alignment and circles

Swiss Design.

During college, I studied graphic design at a university that teaches design theory based on a Swiss design foundation.

In case you are not familiar with Swiss design, here are some words to describe it:






{Swiss design is clean and free from ornamentation. Design elements include geometric shapes and grid lines which are combined with text, patterns, colors and photographs. It’s a design style that favors minimalism.}

The influence.

My illustration style is the most obvious area of influence. Although I spent a lot of time drawing (realism), my style has morphed to one that reflects my design education. Where I certainly do not consider it Swiss design, I do see the influence of the guiding principals.

I use geometric shapes and parallel lines to form my illustrations and interpret the subject using this base. The forms are simple, only the most necessary elements are included. There is a strong underlying grid in the composition and everything is aligned. There is a uniformity of shapes, color and structure.


Early pre-college drawings – detailed, realistic illustration


New Zealand composition – geometric shapes, precision alignment, simplicity of form – order and uniformity rule.


Fantail detail – designed with circles and a few lines.

The Adventure.

The influence of Swiss design has made a positive contribution in my life. It guides me, makes me more decisive and organized. I wonder where it will take me next…