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I got this in response to my blog Every Great Dream Starts with a Dreamer.” Jenna said she can trace her career path back to dream that began around age 10. I’d love to hear your story, so please send it my way.


I grew up in Cupertino, California. My first job was at Apple. Our first family computer was an Apple IIe—the longest-lived computer in Apple’s history. Apple was a huge influence in my life, and in the lives of my friends and family. It’s hard to think of Apple without thinking of Steve Jobs. I will always be a fan of his.  I liked that he motivated people to contribute at a very high level in innovating extraordinary products.

I remember early on wanting to understand computers and technology and to have my foot in that world. My educational focus and career path have always included technology.  Although I enjoy dabbling in the creative arts—clay, glass, textiles, and painting, my creative zest is also inspired by identifying solutions to technical challenges. I enjoy experimentation and understanding how things work—and the creative problem solving that is always a part of the solution. I also like the marriage between design and technology and how various technologies can be woven together into effective solutions and then wrapped into an elegant design.

As the Interactive Project Manager at HB Design, I get to work with experienced design and technical teams. I feel lucky to be part of their conversations. Working with people who are passionate about design and technology is a dream come true. I love it.

Jenna, Interactive Project Manager