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Your phone is ringing. Your message light is flashing. You just received an IM and three emails asking for the status of your latest big campaign.  No. This isn’t the “technology loop” scene from Portlandia. This is an average day for most business professionals around the world. The speed of technological advancement is spurring faster and faster communication. Co-workers’, clients’, and vendors’ expectations for speedy communication continually increase and project timelines are sometimes reduced to mere hours. Although it was meant as a spoof, we often find ourselves caught in the “technology loop” just trying to keep up with daily emails, phone calls, and deadlines. With a daunting list of daily to do’s how do you find time to stay motivated, creative, and inspired? And why should you find the time? In the creative industry it is your job to effectively communicate. Whether you’re a designer communicating your client’s message to their audience; a creative director communicating your vision to your team; or an account executive communicating a strategy to a management team, if inspiration is not driving your voice, you’re whispering. In today’s fast-paced, loud, and over-advertised world you won’t be heard. Truly great ideas are spawned from genuine inspiration and innovative vision. If inspiration is driving your communication (whether it’s visual, auditory, or written) chances are you will inspire someone else. Your message will not only be received but will have an impact and motivate others to take action. Inspiration is vital to successful communication. An added bonus to communicating via inspiration is that it will make you happy! So ask yourself: What makes me happy? Maybe it’s a nice brisk run, traveling to new places, your dog, or the latest technology gadget. I’m sure you can think of a few things that bring a smile to your face. Make them part of your daily routine. While you may not be able to hop on a plane with your dog and your iPad2 every day, you can take 10 or 15 minutes to read about the things that interest you. Incorporate them into your routine and, if possible, your work life. Go for a run at lunch. Add some vacation time onto your next business trip and enjoy the area. Research how you can use new gadgets to increase productivity or gain a competitive edge. Stimulating your senses with things that make you happy will inspire great thoughts, and an inspired mind is a valuable mind. Here are a few things that inspire me… I hope they bring a smile to your face as well! National Geographic Photo of the Day The Click-less Website Enjoy a Different Work of Surrealist Art Every Day