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After about 15 years in our building, HB Design has done an exterior remodel. The look was concepted and designed by retired creative director Sandy Brown and our fearless leader Noma Hanlon (who by the way has a degree in Architecture). They felt it was important to choose materials and colors that blend with the Northwest culture and style.

Originally Noma and Sandy were upset and disappointed that the bduilding had water damage because of failed windows and improper siding installation, but then it became exciting when they realized they would be able to update the look of HB’s building. After collaborating with Steve Wilson, owner of Hammered Construction, the plans really came together.

They wanted a modern, contemporary look—it helped to look around Portland to see what other businesses had done. They loved the metal siding on the REI building in the Pearl district and were inspired by the revitalization and remodeling of older buildings around the Portland area.

They replaced old stucco with cool metal siding and added beautiful concrete stone and a sustainable wood feature to the front entrance. While the metal siding is durable and practical, they went with stone in a contrasting color to warm it up. The heat-treated oak around the entry door, called Cambia, adds more interest and contrast and is weather and decay resistant because of its environmentally responsible and sustainable heat treatment.

It was a long road of contractor equipment, hammers and saws, but the finished product is phenomenal.

What do you think of our new look?


Front entrance - hb design

Front entrance


Window signage

Window signage

Sheet metal siding with light

Refurbished exterior lighting

Stone work on front of building

Stone work on the front of the building