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Learning WordPress is becoming more important.  By all accounts WordPress is the standard content management system for a very large number of web sites.  According to (Dec . 12th 2013) 20.9{a5bdf8d0011d37eacb4818f08a39964e49b498fda098284cc705f141d11fed72} of websites surveyed using a CMS use WordPress.  According to Forbes

“Today WordPress powers one of every 6 websites on the Internet, nearly 60 million in all, with 100,000 more popping up each day. Those run through its cloud-hosted service, which lets anybody create a free website online, attract 330 million visitors who view 3.4 billion pages every month.”   source: 9/05/2012   

To see the current number of sites you can visit So, you have decided to join the growing number of sites using WordPress. What do you do now?  Well, a good first step is to dive in and start learning a little about exactly what is WordPress. 

Below is a list of Learning WordPress resources.

  1. “The horse’s mouth,” so to speak, is the Codex.  This is the official online manual for WordPress.  It covers everything and will be a little daunting the first time you visit it.  But you should check out the “Learn how to use WordPress” section, and the “What you most need to know about WordPress section”
  2. WordPress User Guide – Interconnect IT, a pdf guide published by Interconnect IT, a consulting company in the U.K.
  3. List of good books
  4., an online training site, has a large number of training videos for WordPress.  Note that it is a site that you have to pay to access.

There are a lot more resources online.  One thing to remember is that, because WordPress is so customizable, what you have in your particular installation may be different from what you are seeing in the training resources.  My recommendation is to focus first on the WordPress basics to get a firm foundation in the features and terminology of WordPress.  Then dealing with the additional features that WordPress offers through “Plugins” will be a lot easier. Of course, if you have training, graphic design, or other WordPress needs, feel free to contact us at