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Nerd Spotlight: Robert Wallace (aka Office Magician)

This marks the half-way point of my non-scientific research study to identify the most revered nerds of the HB Design office. This is the third post in the series (read the previous post here) and this week’s response is from Robert (commonly known as Bob) Wallace. He’s our director of all things technology related. He’s also quite the magician. No, I’m not being a brown-noser or overly complimentary, the man’s really a magician! Ask him about his match trick sometime.

If you’ve ever met Bob, you won’t be surprised that he has not one, not two, but three favorite nerds.

Question: Who is your favorite famous nerd (real or fictional) and why?

Answer: “Well, I have two real-life favorites. Commodore John Rochefort and Alan Turing. In World War II Rochefort was instrumental in breaking the Japanese communication code and Turning was instrumental in breaking the German code. Without these two individuals it is likely that we would not have won the war. Or at the least it would have been a much more costly endeavor.  The significance of these men’s work truly cannot be understated.”

On a lighter note, Bob’s favorite fictional nerd is Doctor Who. When asked why, he gives me a look of dismay and says, “He has a sonic screwdriver! What more is there to say?”

So come on and fess-up. Who’s your favorite nerd?