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Of all the many pieces of office equipment that have been purchased in my five years of employment here,
I have to confess that the popcorn maker is truly the best!

It contributes to a pleasant working environment, brings the team together and provides an afternoon snack carb boost. Okay, and to be honest it allows me to indulge my (possibly) unhealthy popcorn addiction.

I was feeling so appreciative of our wonderful machine this week, that I wrote a “corny” little poem. Yes, I just made a very bad pun. I hope you’ll forgive me but I also have a (possibly) unhealthy addiction to bad puns.

Oh popcorn maker, how you sizzle and snap.

In the afternoon hours when it seems time to nap,

You awaken our senses with sound and scent.

A late-day snack is now an event!

We gather round you like in a trance.

Oh popcorn maker, it was love at first glance!

What’s your most valued piece of office equipment?