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Bob, our resident magician, is also a photographer and has posted an interesting series of shots on his Facebook page.

Here are a few samples of his photos:

Bob said that these subjects caught his eye because of their geometry, texture. and color. He likes to play with scale and enlarge elements that someone passing by might miss—details such as the texture created by accumulated papers posted on a telephone pole or the interplay of light and shadow.

He is also interested in type for technical reasons. Many people don’t understand the difficulties of designing a good typeface, especially for use on web sites. Each letter must be examined with an eye toward hinting or aliasing to smooth out the squareness created by pixels so that letters display clearly at all sizes.

He sees individual letters and words as geometric shapes.

In some cases, textures, such as  the bark on a tree or the rust on a steel surface, catch his eye. But letters, being man made, have a different quality and rhythm. That’s what really intrigues him.

How could you see everyday things differently if you played with scale?