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The design system—almost always essential, but often not understood. At HB Design, when we work with a client that asks us to create marketing materials for a new product line, company or even a campaign within an existing company, we usually first talk to them about creating a design system. Normally our contact has a marketing or advertising background, and they understand the importance (and cost) of this crucial step. But sometimes they need to get an approval from their boss. And that guy has no idea what a design system is, or why the heck he needs one. This leads us to C2CB Communications. The Infographic (Again). We think infographics are great tools, and they are fun to create. So I’d like to talk about another infographic as an example of C2CB communication. Here we go: the need for an explanation of a design system and why it’s important does come up quite often in our work, often enough that we decided to create a tool to help explain it. We created it in form of a light-hearted infographic, which visually represents concepts or ideas quickly through the use of small bits of digestible information (you’ll appreciate that word choice once you view the infographic). We’ve shown this infographic to our clients and provided it for our clients to present to their bosses, and it’s been quite successful. Once the concept is understood, the need to do the work is readily accepted. Cha-ching. Below is the presentation tool in all its glory. And if you have no idea what a design system is, you will shortly. infographic explaining what a design system is