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Here at HB Design, we spend most days strategizing, concepting, designing and implementing amazing solutions for our clients. Most of our solutions target B2B, B2C or even internal client audiences, but there is one other area where our expertise can really make a difference: C2C communications. That’s client to client. Or maybe I should call it C2CB (client to client’s boss). Whatever the name, we find that our clients need excellent presentation tools to communicate ideas internally, to help them sell ideas to their boss or bosses’ boss before moving to the next step. We’ve helped our clients sell quite a few great ideas this way.

Intra-client presentation is a very important but often overlooked part of the whole design process. We obviously need to communicate our ideas to our clients clearly, but often, they need to sell our ideas internally. And that internal sell can be difficult. Our clients often need to sell to an audience that may not understand marketing and design. They usually have very little time. And often we aren’t at the presentation, so they are getting the information second hand. The old telephone game. That’s a lot for our clients to overcome.

With good internal presentation tools, clients understand our intentions and then have the means to pass that understanding through to their team. It’s an often overlooked, but very important, part of the design process.

So what do these presentations look like? There really isn’t an exact formula in determining what tool or format will work best. Its usually driven by a mix of budget, timing, the “difficulty scale” of the sell, and means of presentation. Past tools have taken the format of interactive pdfs, simple animations, ppt presentations and infographics. The one commonality they all share?

They all work.

We’ll be highlighting a few of our favorites in the next couple of weeks. My guess is that it will get you thinking about C2CB communications.