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This summer, we had an intern from India in our studio. Aastha’s internship was her first exposure to the American business world as well as an opportunity to immerse herself in a design culture.

After only a few days in our studio and her completion of a variety of small projects, she expressed an interest in the study of psychology. Our creative director came up with an interesting assignment: write a paper on color, and how its effect on human emotion can affect our design decisions.

After researching the topic, Aastha wrote about the many ways color can affect mood and how the meaning of a specific color varies from culture to culture. For example, women in India wear red wedding gowns as a symbol of purity, while soldiers in ancient Rome carried red battle flags as a symbol of power.

Aastha’s paper on color and its effect on human emotion offered us a perfect subject for an infographic. Our thanks to Aastha for bringing together this handy collection.