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Aaaah…vacations. We all need them to relax and reenergize. I also need them to get inspired, often through the combination of nature AND city. So what could be better than a road trip through state and national parks with city lodging along the way…? Add my little pup Addy and it’s pure paradise.

Addy in Pepper

Addy in Pepper : road trippin’ 2015

Addy, Pepper and I covered 3000 miles and visited Arches, Canyonlands, Dead Horse, Red Canyon, Glenn Canyon, Lake Powell, Zion and Bryce Canyon. The scenery was breathtakingly-moving-and-amazingly-relaxing-and-energizing at the same time. Sigh…

Beautiful Utah

Somewhere in Utah…

But it was driving on Utah Heritage Highway 89, Utah’s first tourist route, that I experienced my most memorable, most inspiring sight – the vintage motels of Panguitch. This little town is filled with classic motel courts with the original signage and structures. Like any good designer, I totally geeked out over this collection of 40s, 50s and 60s americana and typography, so I made a U-turn and drove through a second time to capture it all.

I love that these little gems are still intact, still being used. They are a bit of design history preserved. I’m inspired to see the longevity and practicality of design, and how perfectly fitting these signs are over 50 years later.

Below is my collection from Panguitch plus a few others. For all of you vintage type enthusiasts – ENJOY! 

Adobe Sands Motel

Adobe Sands Motel – I’d like to rename Adobe Mistral Hotel.

Blue Pine Motel

Blue Pine Motel

Bryce-Way Motel

Bryce-Way Motel

Bryce Canyon Motel

Bryce Canyon Motel – note the vintage car and highway 89 signs.

Canyon Lodge

Canyon Lodge – one of my favorites, and a favorite in general considering the NO vacancy sign.

Lamplighter Lodge

Lamplighter Lodge – new sign, old logo.

Marianna Inn

Marianna Inn

Purple Sage Motel

Purple Sage Motel

Flying M

Flying M Coffee Shop – not a motel but too good to pass up.

The Virginian Motel

The Virginian Motel, Moab, UT

Apache Motel

Apache Motel sign in downtown Moab.

Thunderbird Restaurant

Thunderbird Restaurant – who shrunk her outfit? Near Zion National Park