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Last week we talked about why it’s vital to have a well-designed package for your product. We also touched on the importance of process and strategy throughout the design. This week we’re sharing a useful list of 10 things to consider before jumping into your own package design.

Packaging projects can be large and complex undertakings with many stakeholders, suppliers, and vendors located around the world. Because no two packaging projects are alike, the body of our work, from wine bottles to high tech product boxes, has taught us a lot about successfully managing this work. We’ve developed and refined valuable processes that help us seamlessly direct the myriad of moving pieces and communication across teams. These processes start with information gathering.

Here are 10 questions to answer before you start your own package design project.

  1. What’s your product, and what are its key features and differentiators?
  2. Who are your competitors and how does their product, brand, and packaging compare?
  3. Describe the target audience and what will motivate them to buy your product? How will they interact with the packaging?
  4. What’s the central most important message to convey on the package?
  5. What timeline or significant milestones should you consider in creating a design and production timeline—like a product launch or event?
  6. Does the packaging have any material requirements—like needing to use sustainable materials?
  7. How will the product be distributed, stored, and displayed for sale?
  8. How should the package represent your brand and do you have an existing brand design system?
  9. What regulatory information needs to be on the packaging?
  10. What’s your budget?

I hope that this list helps you get started on your own stellar package design.