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I have been experimenting with modeling clay. It started when I got a small box of modeling clay as a gift at a trade show. It made me smile, so I brought it to work. Then, I signed up for a webinar that began by reviewing basic information that I already knew. I wanted to hear the topics that would follow, so I opened the modeling clay to pass the time during the review. By the end of the review, I had created a tiny snake, an apple, a rose, a bluebird, and a giraffe. Five colors. Five objects. I’d had so much fun that I thought about some other modeling clay that I had at  home and wondered what I might do with it. More recently, Leslie and I met about some copy, and her direction was that she wanted the first lines to be “sort of Bambi” so the final call to action would be a strong contrast. Her choice of descriptions and the mood of the meeting led me to remember the intention to use the modeling clay that I had at home. The next day, I made Leslie a tiny Bambi, complete with spots, a white tail, and a tiny butterfly. She liked it and added it to her collection of objects on her desk.

Bambi stands about 1 inch tall

One of the other objects on her desk was a miniature pumpkin from our Halloween pumpkin decorating contest.

Miniature pumpkin

About a week later, Leslie told me that Bambi had met with an unfortunate accident. She sounded sad when she told me that somehow the pumpkin had ended up on top of Bambi. This reminded me of the famous cartoon: Bambi vs. Godzilla.

Bambi—after meeting the pumpkin

Leslie’s Bambi has since made a complete recovery from its encounter with Godzilla the pumpkin, unlike Bambi’s original encounter with Godzilla in the animation from 1969.