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Nerd Spotlight: Diane Kenedy (aka Cosmic Glue)

As an Oregon transplant, one of the things that I profoundly enjoy about Portland is the high nerd population density. I’ve definitely embraced my inner nerd more outwardly since relocating here. I’m pretty sure my officemates are tired of hearing about my love for Excel and I may have attended a few…okay numerous…Battle Star Galactica viewings at the Baghdad Theatre.

So what does nerdiness have to do with the HB Design blog? Well, with the tagline “design + technology” you can bet there are a few nerds roaming the halls of our office—it’s okay, it’s a compliment around here, not an insult. I decided to conduct a non-scientific, qualitative research study to find out which nerd my co-workers most admire and let them get in touch with their inner (or outer) nerdiness.

First up is a fellow blogger and usability advisor extraordinaire, code named Cosmic Glue. Oh, and her real name is Diane.

Question: Who is your favorite famous nerd (real or fictional) and why?

Answer:Guy Kawasaki . He is an incredibly energetic person who has and continues to lead a dynamic career. He thinks about marketing and technology in unique and nontraditional ways.  I enjoy his books and webinars. In fact I just attended one this morning and learned about an interesting new concept—the pre-mortem. This is an opportunity to brainstorm the potential problems that could arise during a project, assess the risk level, and create a plan to mitigate those problems before they occur. This is an example of how unusual tactics and ideas can truly provide vast benefits.”

Look for more nerd spotlights in the coming weeks and feel free to share your favorite nerd with us!