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Often in our work we are asked for things that sound simple, but in fact aren’t.
(Or would be simple, but wouldn’t be a truly good solution.) And many of those challenges relate to design systems, and whether or not the client has one, or even thinks they need one.

A solid design system gives you the visual building blocks needed for building your messaging and brand with consistent identity and tone.

infographic explaining what a design system is

It establishes rules which guide decisions for all of your design needs, and allows things like advertising, packaging, mobile apps, and web presence to all work together, sending a clear and consistent message.

And because that message is consistent, it is reinforced with each new exposure your clients (and potential clients) receive.

If you need more convincing – think of companies who effectively use consistent colors, logo treatment, and typography. An example being Starbucks. You can recognize a Starbucks and know what kind of experience to expect by seeing their green and white signage – even before you are close enough to read the actual sign.

And then on the other hand – how many companies can you think of that don’t use consistent visual design?
Can you think of any?